A Mother's Concerns For The welfare Of Her Children - Every Living Being

She is ever living. She is DEVINE and she ranks one among the alvars(Tamil Vaishna Saints).

The Tirupavai (Collection of Verses) has the distinction of being rendered in daily satrumurai throughout the year except the ANADHYANA KALAM i.e. the period from Thirukartikai to annual thirunakshatram of Sri Kuratalvar except the month of Markazi. The Tirupavai contains the essence of Vishistadvaita siddhantam - that part of the vedangam which reveals the Devine Bondage between Paramatma and Jeevatma As The Master - Servant, Father- Son , Guru - Shishya , Benefector - Benificary relation where all beings must serve and thereby be endowed with everlasting and ever pervading Bliss.
This may even be called a COMMANDMENT. Nay ! It is Sanathana Dharma the way a life on earth must be led given the means-always contributing (at least) a little more than what one takes for the common good-the society and the resources.,

Sri Andal is Mother Earth Incarnation :

The Lord descended from his Devine Abode taking the form of a Devine Boar and saved Bhooma Devi from the Demon Hiranyaksha after a fierce fight. Love between the Gallant Hero (Varaaha) and the Distressed( now a Happy ) Heroine (Earth) followed. Mother Earth, while the Honey mooning was in progress, due to her immense love and affection for the humankind asked Sri Varaaha the way for their salvation. Sri Varaaha uttered the Varaaha Charama sloka. The sages could keep the mankind on the prescribed path by revealing the Varaaha charama sloka to mankind in the earlier 3 yugas. But Mother Earth felt that she must herself come down to earth , she did and gave us the Tirupavai which is the essence of varaaha charama sloka in Tamil. At the time of the Varaaha Avathara, the Lord retreaved Mother Earth from the depths of the Ocean.

They fell in love with each orher and spent sometime happily in the company of each other. During those exclusive play and frolic times.Sri Bhoomi Devi due to her the first nature of profound love and affection for her upsprings - the mankind,had obtained the first hand knowledge on the Devine path that lead to their salvation from the Lord Himself. Now in this Kali yuga because of adharma bearing down on dharma, Sri Bhoomi Devi took the Avatara of Andal came down to this world and composed for us the Tirupavai which is the essence of the Varaaha charama sloka and which teaches us the way leading us for Moksha.

Of all languages prevelant in this Karma Bhoomi she had selected 'Tamil' as the medium of her teachings and the place from where she composed the Tirupavai was none other than the Pandiya Territory where Tamil Sangam flourished. The cool soothing southern breeze known as the malaya marutham-malaya pavan emanates from the podigai Hills of the western Ghats in the pandiya kingdom and blows over all other parts of Bharata Varsha comforting peoples with its sandal paste fragrance and cool mountain air, the Tirupavai composed by Sri Andal has had commentaries written by the Acharyas of Chola Desam, furthur spread through the efforts of the great Ubhaya Vedanta Acharyas- Sri Nathamuni Sri Ramanujar and Sri Vedanta Desikar.

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