The Big Bang :
Peace prevailed in Space, the Ksheera Sagara-the size of my fist. A moment later the Soul, Sriman Narayanan's Devine Body gave a simple slight tiny sparkle: a moment's smile in the twinkling of his lips. That was the Big Bang later forming a million Universes with a million galaxies each.

Nebular Dust and Galaxies :
The Breath-the Air that escaped His Nostrils was so fierce and forceful that the dust particles it contained formed huge moving circular groups of Universe, Galaxies, Skies, Planets, Meteors and Other heavenly bodies. They were of regular and irregular shapes of different materials and densities, governed by the gravitational and other physical laws - known & unknown - till date.

Fission And fusion Theory of Atomic Behaviour :
The enormous speed volume density and the gravitational force combined to create friction and fusion among the atoms contained in these objects and created atomic reaction. It was enormous and a chain reaction followed and the entire bodies became huge burning stars sending out heat, charged particles, light and mixture of alpha beta gama rays. Fire-AGNI was born. This all happened whithin a millionth of a second.

One such star is the Sun - Surya Narayanan pulsating with Sriman Narayana's immortal, immesurable, invincible, invisible self.

(Gita xi-6 Krushna tells Arjuna to see Him in Surya: x-21 - 'of light emitting objects I am Sun' Jothiesham Raviramsuman.' Om suryaaya Nama: Naamaa number 887 Vishnu sahasranaama).

Magnetic storms and flares :
Like a healthy elephant going/acting berserk with the flowing 3 kanna kabola and bheeja fluids / enzymes at the fag end of his (its) adolesense the Sun suddenly became super charged with magnetic storms and flares. During one such gigantic flare, a small part of the sun was thrown out and flew in the sky.

Birth of Mother Earth :
That small part of the sun which escaped from the sun is the Mother Earth. At the SuryaNarayana's will (gravitational force of the Sun) and the Mother Earth's feminine urge for protection and proximity the Centrifugal force to the Lord (Sun) made her stay on elliptical course around the Sun.

Essential pregeographical features: Day and Night, Turning Around The Axis, Monsoon Phenominon :
The Mother Earth revolved around Sun at a distance not too near and not too far so the sun's rays neither scorched her nor left her to have cold surface. She started to revolve around herself facing the sun, so days and nights alternate throughout her surface. Also she got the special oscillation movement around her axis which gives her the alternating seasons. All these comprise right prerequisits for creation of living beings.

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