There is an end to everything. The dust settled down slowly. The sun light danced on the earth once again. The evolution of species started once again.

Intelligent beings learn fast from experience. Mother Earth, herself a living entity and an intelligent one at that, understood that the shooting stars touching her coming from the space might not only be the hands of the heavenly bodies trying to touch her, but there might also be wicked forces trying to destroy her.

Because she is a live planet herself and because of her survival instinct, the second era of evolution has been initiated and is going on now (Other planets also get bambarded by heavenly bodies. Some get damaged : still some disintegrate -being soulless altogather).

As Mother Earth has observed in the earlier evolution small beings with slightly bigger brains lived on giants with smaller brains, this time on the earth the evolution goes on in the inverse proportion i.e beings with smaller bodies and bigger and still bigger brains.

The monkeys best suited the experiment in evolution. Manifold adoptions took place. Simulteanously with physical adoption where the forelegs were evolved into hands - the hindlegs were used purely for displacement reducing energy requirements for displacement - only a fourth of the energy requirement of a quadruped of the same size and weight. The forelegs lost their sharp nails and developed soft fingures developed on the samelines of the delicate lip of an elephant's trunk. The monkeys which first cracked the nuts with rocks to get at the seeds and then hit the fruits and vegetables with sticks and rocks, the fingures softened to hold tools and for that matter any object. The hominid was born.

The biped homo - habilis & homo erectus covered vast terretories till then not covered by any other being with their energy saving and journey enduring two legs. With the two hands and 10 soft fingures they could hunt, dig the roots, peel the skin of the fruits/animals and pin/pierce a fish with a (spear like) stick. Perhaps they also got a bird using a stick or stone.

The more important phase of the evolution involved creating bigger space inside the skull to house a bigger brain. This was enabled due to the use of two legs and two hands - the hominid was able to reduce the pressure on his jaws for the purpose of masticating - he was able to furthur process the hard food to soften before he ate / chewed and he avoided hard food as his food - gathering skills sharpened. Thus was formed the perfect human skull - weak jaw and bigger space for a bigger brain.

Thus has entered our hero, the man (homosapien) the Son of This Earth. And he has dispelled the misgivings of the Earth if there were any.

He has known the danger to the earth at every step and turn of the earth: And he is drawing charts of the heavens and doing logistics to avert any danger to Earth from (outer) space. We will not have to wait long before scientists ensure compelete safety to our planet.

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