Paasi thoorthukidandha paarmagatku pandorunaal
   Maasu udambil neer vaaraa maanamillaa panriyam
Dhesu udaiya devar thiruvaranga chelvanaar
   Pesi iruppanakal perkavum peraave !
...Nachiyaar Tirumozhi-11/8

Verily that day the Earth was dirty covered of weed
   He the Devine Unmodest Boar while water dripped:
He the prosperous prince of Srirangam
   His utterings can never be knocked off(the mind).

The above paasuram proves beyond doubt that Sri Andal is the Mother Earth.

 Verily ages (countless yuyas) ago while waters (and love making fluids?) were dripping from His somewhat dirty body and He was the unmodest (naked?) Boar - who was/is none other than Sri Tiruvaranga Selvanaar - the stately Prince (Lord) of Srirangam - And all those utterings He had with Mother Earth who was also (at that time) unclean due to her state of having been hidden in the slushy muddy depts of the ocean (unclean only because of the mud?) are so strongly embedded that they could/can never be knocked off the mind. ( Mother Earth is Andal, otherwise how could she write such a paasuram ?)

The union of the Lord with Mother Earth was so Devine that we got the Sri Varaaha Charama Sloka and later Tirupavai , both being The Universal Gospel leading the soul towards Complete Bliss.

Mother Earth found that Sri Varaaha Charama Sloka then Sri Rama Charama Sloka and lastly the Krishna Charama Sloka are not as effective as they aught to be. Her comcern was that a simple 'Saranaagathi' will not do but her children(the human beings) must lead a simple and pure life while constantly comtemplating about the goal - Moksha.She sensed.that more than attuning for their sins & wrong doings in this Karma Bhoomi the human beings will get intoxicated on their scientific advancement & exploit her & go on commiting sins. (We must take from Nature its renewable resourses only.we must keep in store the unrenewable resourses for the defence of Earth.)

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