Before starting to get absorbed into the Revelation of Thiruppavai , kindly get a good mesure of the contents of the previous chapters dealing with the historical ,scientific,puranic and spiritual backgounds of the Prabhandam - Thirupavai.

Elsewhere in this book it is amply proved that Sri Andal gave expression to Her Love and Affection for the Lord in almost all the verses in the Naachiaar Thirumozhi ( Her other work) and She purposefully and deliberately expressed Her deed of observing Kaama Vratha in the first 10 verses of the said work to make it known to one and all that the Thiruppavai was not Her Kama Vrata but it contains guidlines as to how every living being must conduct its life on earth to attain Oneness with the Lord- the twofold duty of attachment to the Lord and detachment towards having / entertaining ambition to have heavenly plesures here and / or hereafter

In that sense the key words contained in the Thiruppavai have the inner meaning as under :-

Pavai/paavaai:-Jeevathma-any and every living being having/not having a physical body existing inbetween earth and Vaikundam,on and/ or inside the earth,in and on water floating on air and if possible in fire.It incudes parasites, plants and though not accepted by scientists it includes spirits and ghosts of all types.

Neeraada:- To attain oneness with the Lord

Parai:-The boon of having a peaceful and contented life here and after having a meaningful life here at the end to attain moksha(salvation)- the most precious duty of serving the Lord in the Heaven. The other meaning is Harinaamasankeerthanam .

Maasaanaam Maargaseershoaham.' Declared Sri Krishna in the Bhagavat geetha (verse 35-chapter X),- meaning' Of the 12 months of the year I am Maargazhi', emphasizing the special status of the month

The first month of the Hemanta rutu is Margazhi, the other being Thai..

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