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  • U. Ve. V. Rangaraja Iyengar West Adayavalanjan - Srirangam for enlightening us on the fact that the thirukkalyanam serthi (marriage festival) of Sri Andal - Sri Ranganatha had been a yearly feature earlier on: that it had been stopped : and that now the Divya Dampathy (Perumal Thayar) wish that it be restarted.
  • U. Ve. E.S.V. Narasimhachariar Dasavathara Sannidhi-Srirangam for composing the Sanskrit slokas (of the Sankalpam) and proofreading of the verses.
  •  U. Ve. 'Sri Vaishnava sri' A. Krishnamachariar 214, East Uttara Street - srirangam, for help and guidance, contributing an editorial in his magazine 'Panchajanyam ' in favour of restarting the festival and for lending records in evidence for our writing the historical background.
  • Sri S .K. Sathyanarayanan Sri Mookambigai Achagam for the excellent printout of the book.
  • I beg with folded hands and seek the blessings of all Poorvaachaaryaas for allowing me to disclose the true (all embracing) purpose of observing Thirupaavai, Sri Andal's Kama Vratha, Observance of Sathaodhana Homa and certain other facts so far not revealed by them (for whatever reason) but now disclosed to this daasan-siriya gyanaathan-adien-servant of the bhaagavathaas in the veli Andal sannidhi by the Grace Of The Divya Dampathi so every Atma may observe LIFE ON EARTH AS A  (SIMPLE) VRATA and attain prosperity, contentment enlightenment and ETERNAL PEACE in due course.

If anybody has reservations about my credentials for giving THE NEW COMMENTARY on THIRUPAVAI

I (humbly) request him/her to go through my article in Tamil which has been featured in the November 2007 issue of the Nrusimhapriya under the title "The wonder that Sri Nammazhvar's Thiruvaaimozhi contains within it SrimadhBhagavatha Puraana also along with the Vedas". which fact has not been brought out by ANY of the earlier commentators.This goes to prove that I (adiyen) have the blessings of Sri Nammazhvar, who is Azhvar & Acharya combined, representing ALL POORVAS.

- Asuri S.Sundararajan

Note :- (U .V - Ubhya Vedanta - well versed in both the Vedas and Prabhandas)