Inre thiruvaadip pooram emakkaaka
   Vanrovin gaandal avadharithaal-kunraadha
Vaazhvaana vaikundha vaanbogan thannai igazhn [du]
   Azhwaar thirumagalaa rai … . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .… 22

The cow constantly thinks only about its calf.And the mother of a child always keeps/maintains the wellbeing of the child onher list of priorities. Similarly Bhoomadevi Thaayaar who is the Mother of all mothers kept in hold her pleasant stay in Vaikundam,(abandoned) the same, came down here on the earth so as to guide us all towards salvation and was born as the daughter of Sri Periazhvar. Let us praise the Tiruvaadipooram star-Sri Goda's birth star.

Periazhvaar penpillaiyaay Andal piranda
   Tiruvaadi poorathin seermai-orunaalaik
Kundo maname unarndhupaar Andaluk
   Undaahi lopitharku mundu … . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .… 23

If we think deep in our minds , we shall find that no other day in the year is as auspicious as the Tiruvadipooram as also no other person is even comparable with Andal who came down on Earth as the daughter of Periyalvar.

Anjuk kudikkoru santhathiyaay aazhvaarkal
   Thancheyalai vinchinirkum thanmaiyalaay-pinchaay
Pazhutthaalai Andaalai bhakthiyudan naalum
   Vazhuthaay maname makinzhdu… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .… 24

The alwars are also called 'anjukudi' because of their concern for the well being of the Lord; they have composed verses imploring longivity and safely of the Lord viz Pallandu, Adiporri, vaazhi etc. Of all these alwars Sri Andal is ranked first. And at the age of 13-15, she composed the Tirupavai and Nachiantirumozhi confirming that she attained Brahmagyanam even in teens (several reasons can be attributed to this phenominan -

  1. She wanted to spread her teachings at the earliest.
  2. She wanted to go back to her abode in Vaikundam at the earliest : Historical background and astronimical facts reveal that she composed Tirupavai when she was 9.
  3. She is Mother Earth already having the necessary knowledge.

Let us daily pay obeisance to Sri Andal.