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Om Sriman Narayanaya nama:
Om Sri Gurubyo nama:


O. K. Let me confess. O. K. I am a confessor. Double O. K.

As confessor, if my confession leads to one welcome improvement in this Space, at this Time in this society, in this economy the single purpose of inviting you all to go through these columns be realized.

‘Record what you know, that what your soul and mind invent & discover & leave them to the present & posterity & let the good & useful guide & help those able & willing to absorb & apply them for the welfare of one & all.’ I am following this universal law. I have read every letter of printed matter I could train my eye/s on, heard every piece of word uttered in my presence & seen physically & through videos as far & as clear as my eyes can see.(I never missed receipt of information.) I am all set to put some selected items in black & white here & now.

I confess that I cannot write fluently & coherently, poetic & artistic, but I convey what I write meaningfully & pointblank: sometimes topped with mighty elaborations & repetition when I am urged to repeat to emphasize its relevance.

Azhvars, the Tamil Vaishnavite Saints brimmed with Bhagavat Bhakti & Realization so very much that they could not contain the same within themselves & the spill took the form of Nalayira Divya Prabhandas, even as the sadvic cows give milk to other beings, the Azhvars bestowed on the mankind the light leading to Sriman Narayana. Vande dravida veda mantra dhrashtan, the Azhvars! ( I bow to the Tamizh vedam seida Azhvars- for their love & affection to the mankind).

I too cannot contain within myself my feelings & concerns- what I feel is good for the society & the economy & I spill the same time & again.


My native place is Arasalur – Ashvattharajapuram, Taluk Thottiyam, District Thiruchirapalli. I was born on 14 may 1947 ( Sarvajit, Chithirai 31) at 7 30 PM at Devakottai govt hospital. The official dob is 14 3 1947. I belong to Haarita Gotra known popularly as ASURIS even in the Vedic Period for their unwavering attachment to worship of Lord Sriman Narayana & achara anushtanams- from the loins of Angirasa (referred as creator of agni & fire worshipper, also one who wards off evil by mantras.), Ambarisha (Parama Bhagavata, example of dvadashi parana) , Youvanashva (Mantra Drashta), Haarita (the gotra took the name from Sri Ha(a)rita, the promoter of Ayurveda) up to & from Seshadri (Muthuswami), Srinivasa (Kuppuswami –all Village Munsifs), Seshadri ( Seshasayee) – Sriranganayaki, Ranganayki & Vanjulavalli, daughter of Setlur, Puliyur, Gundalam ( Some- one in the lineage had been diwan of Mysuru State) Rangasamy, Venkatesa, Ranganatha of Kaoushika Gotra. Our Kula Devata Is Thirupathi – Tirumalai Sri AlarmelManga Sametha Sri Srinivasa Swami: we are sishyas of Ahobila Mutt.

At the Mariamman Elementary School in Kulitalai, I got double promotion from third , a month or so in fourth and then immediately to the fifth standard. At The Board High School, Thottiyam against all odds & among maharathis like Kuppusami, Anantapadmanabhan, Sankaran, Meiyappan & a host of others, I who never afforded to have full set of text books; neither notes nor tutor scored the first mark in the Board Exam. At The St. Joseph’s Trichi I never took notes. I answered in all exams extempore. I boarded at The Chidambaram Reddiar Choultry, Thiruvanaikoil. It was the year the Cen., Govt., introduced Loan Scholarship Scheme. But for that I do not know what fate awaited me. At home we (motherless) 7 children lived with our father. His pension amount was Rs. 65/-. No other income, penniless, kith & kinless. In youth hood the economic status left me in no man’s land: later my appreciation for all views – both orthodox & modern, oriental & western, science & theology, classical & pop, Sanskrit & Thamizh, Hindi & English, Hindus & NonHindus, mixing with SC & STs, remaining neutral in politics, kalais etc., I was, am & shall always be in no man’s land. I am neither here nor any- where else. Hence I remain unhonoured & unsung. The foundation on which the unconquerable strong fort stand is not visible: secret service personnel , informers, whistle-blowers , sipois who give cover to the victorious regiment & I are happy remaining behind the screen. Sarvam Sri LakshmiNrusimharpanamastu! Actually it is Krishnarpanamatu, but in my enthusiasm, I had changed it to LN. Even today after performing sandhya, I automatically offer water ablutions uttering, ‘Sri LakshmiNrusimharpanamastu.’ One thing I am sure: I pray only to Sriman Narayana, I follow total ahimsa, the day I joined the bank I also joined the union & till date I remain faithful to both, a matter of pride to all 3.

During my boy-hood, I had said that I wanted to become a Dist., Collector. In my college days I had wanted to be a freelance journalist like Jack Anderson. Just after graduation I had wanted to become a cost accountant. As fate would have it I did not pursue studies in right earnest & never appeared for Final Exam. It might be because I was having job satisfaction in being a banker. And even from my boyhood I very much intended to take up to sanyasasram after I completed age of 60. My mother sometimes refered to our 6th Azhagiya Singer Sri Shashta Parankusa Srivann Sathagopa Jeer had entered the cave in Ahobilam & is still serving Sri LakshmiNrusimha & I had wanted to enter the cave to help the Jeer. Later I came to know the cave had been sealed. Incompetence, changes in social atmosphere & above all Lord LakshmiNrusimha’s bid not to think of becoming a sanyasi ( as usual I had drawn lots twice- this time) had put me off. If given a chance I would like to live in a farm house/ parnakutir (a little away from din & noise) with a lily pond & some cows: I would personally tend to the flower plants, creepers & trees & supply garlands of ennpakarpookkal Sri Periazhvar adorned the Lord with to the local & nearby Perumal Kovils & spend rest of the time in writing my imaginations giving them literary form& continue with spreading Sri Andal’s Mission For Universal Peace & Brotherhood by arranging to get the book translated into all the languages. SriVaishnavam had never been rigid, had always proved its acceptability to any community in any place on Earth & at any given point of Time – Azhvars & Acharyas have from time to time guided us in interpreting the Srutis & Smrutis which are universal in nature. Adiyen (I) Dasan, following in their footsteps having knowledge of science & theology have interpreted Thirupavai revealing its Universal message to suit the present times & adiyen dasan am recording here that Divya Dampathi will ensure SriVaishnavam is carried on by more able bodied spiritual, mental & strong avadutas till the end. I am pained to say that certain Srivaishnavite professionals who are ashadabhutis, carry on SriVaishnavam for material benefits, cannot understand that the new interpretation in no way diminished but has very much enriched Visishtadvaita, or having personal vendetta ( I have said something against some somewhere else.), only these ‘status quo ‘ people keep away.

I wish I know my earlier births. For that I will need to sit very much away from where I am now in a serene lonely place & do tapasya. But then when realization would come I will fall silent embrace one & all and without looking back I will fall at the feet of the Lord Sriman Narayana!

Why I want to know my earlier births? Still at the age of 68, lots of fires are raging in me kindled by the 5 indrias. When I will know what I have enjoyed in my earlier births is more than the height of Sumeru, deeper than the Mariana’s Trench and wider than the Universe, then at least my subconscious mind will say enough is enough & the fires will die away. But having a human birth close to sath sangham itself is proof that any atma in such a birth has had enough & so must reign in all desires. Atma is aware: mind wavers: body craves. I am holding on tight to Sri (Veli) Andal & Sri Ananeya. They never let anyone down.


In the 1970’s I brought to light the misdeeds of a union leader who tried coercion on the members { some-times successfully) to get their mostly rightful dues from the management & of course window dress the balance-sheets to swindle money. The leader at the All India level was apprised & convinced, but the local party leader (Now he is at the national level) prevailed upon him to sideline us if he wanted to save the union from falling in the hands of non party people. A group of 5 of us (as required by law) proceeded against the leader & won the case in the lower courts. It proved our point & we left it at that as all of our services were transfered to other places on promotion. The union failed to take corrective actions. The fellow went on to live in cohabitation with not less than two working (female) members ( The fact known to me personally) & one day he decamped with more than 1 lakh rs., of union funds.

In those days, nay from the start of history there were predators among mankind, but they were in less numbers. Now they rule the roost. Staff members have to be beware of even their close colleagues. The spread of predators is comprehensive - They are found even in religious places & temples of justice.

During this period I was Internal Auditor for The Nagpur District Chess Association & Treasurer for Central Bank Of India Staff Recreation Club (more than 300 members). Had been chess champion & runner-up in bank tournaments .


In 1979 just after the vaikunta prapti of my father I undertook an all India circular tour wishing to immerse his ashes in all the seven sacred rivers. I was not able to retrieve the ashes, but since I had set my mind on going on the tour, I went to Mumbai, purchased the circular ticket & started. I took bath in the Godavari at Nasik, in the Narmada at Beraghat, in the Triveni (Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati) at Prayag, (again at Kasi & Gaya - I performed pitru shrarda at both Prayag & Gaya & I still perform my father’ shrarda every year, monthly tarpanams on Amavasya, Vishu,& Mahalaya following our family tradition without fail),in the Sindhu at Kalsi ( between Srinagar & Ladakh & near Sonmarg) & in the Kaveri both at Srirangam & Tirunarayanapuram ( near Arasalur). Hitting the trail prescribed in the ticket, I visited Devakottai- my birthplace for the first time, then Rameshvaram . HERE STANDING AT THE SEA SHORE OF THE GREAT INDIAN OCEAN I WAS URGED TO PUT TWO TIGHTLY CORKED BOTTLES CONTAINING INSIDE “ THE MESSAGE FOR UNIVARSAL PEACE & BROTHERHOOD” WRITTEN IN INK ON ORDINARY WHITE PAPER. I STOOD LOOKING AT THE BOTTLES AS FAR AS I COULD BEHOLD BEING CARRIED AWAY BY THE WAVES OF THE SAMUDRA RAJAN ENCOMPASSING THE ENTIRE EARTH. I returned back home paying my obeisance to Sri Vittal- Rukkumayi at Pandarpur after taking dips in the Chandrabhaga (Bhima). Having touched Mumbai, Delhi, Srinagar (Kalsi), Kolkatta (The geological gardens- the gteat baniyan tree ), Burdwan (Due to incessant rain there was no direct train to Cuttack. In Burdwan I took a photo of a man fishing with the help of a net in the flooded main street in the back drop of half immersed houses, while people were waiting to buy the catch! If it is ok you can easily befriend a Bengali by offer of fish), Puri Jagannath, Chennai, Rameshvaram & Mumbai again I had circumambulated Bharat Mata. I had sprinkled on my head the waters of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal & the Indian Ocean & the waters of all the three seas had washed my feet. I shall pour other details of the tour elsewhere kabhi kabhi.

Later when I owned a car I arranged for displaying the message of ‘The Mission For Universal Peace & Brother Hood’ in the back glass window.


In the 1980’s, when I served as a branch manager of the bank, I actively, earnestly & enthusiastically took part in the implementation of the lending programs of the Central & State Governments . Sleepless throughout the night of 31-3-1981 I had drawn the subsidy bill of the branch & arranged for submission of the same to the department of SFDA at Amravati when they opened the office on 1-4-1981. The District collector Sri Anupam Das Gupta & other govt., officials were all praise for the bill submitted was for Rs 131xxx/-. (Apart from other s, I had arranged for the financial assistance of cross breed cows, bought from Punjab, which was an innovation). Subsequently, a host of other assistances-bore wells, horticulture- santra, back cock poultry, rohu-catla fisheries, an SSi unit for manufacturing water pumping motors in a rural area etc., -all innovations at the time, had followed. Once under threat of suspension I had resisted and stood firm on the principle of justice by not crediting the subsidy to the loan accounts of landless agr., labourers, the benefit of payments for the milk actually being enjoyed by the land owners. I was transferred. Earlier , I had both accepted deposits of cash and also honoured ( made cash payments) of cheques on different dates at or around mid-night – some of the customers (orchard owners) would deposit cash received from agents & immediately leave in the first bus at dawn to look for matches to their daughters or withdraw cash for making arrangements for their daughters’ marriage. I had also rode on horse- back crossing the Poorna which was in spate & the rain was pouring in torrents to complete field inspection for an SC crop loan applicant so his loan was sanctioned in time. These are only the tip of the ice-berg: rest in my autobiography.

I would like to say that I cared for every branch which I led. When I went to bring the cross breed cows from Punjab, I had taken photos of bullock-carts & ploughs drawn by cross breed bullocks to convince the people in Kapustalani that they need not be abandoned, but could be put to use thereby removing their misconception that like buffalo male calves these cross breed cow’s male calves were not useful & so should be abandoned, an item of loss in cross breed dairy farming. I arranged to get the photos enlarged, framed & displayed in the wall to be able to be seen by all visitors. Honey bees built a honey hive on the ceiling on the outer wall of the branch. I refused to get it removed/ destroyed on all occasions- friendly advice, a business deal- sharing of honey & order of visiting small officials. The RM Shri Ambwani was mildly annoyed a little during the loan mela as bees were buzzing around. One day after about 9/10 months all the bees gathered , milling & mingling into a black balloon of about 5’ dia, buzzed out of the place with huge buzzing noise never to return! And not a single person was stung throughout their stay except me, once. I believe till date that was a kiss of affection from a rep., of the bees. Do not the keeper of lion cubs bleed sometimes when playing a little over with the cubs? Thinking about the bees has roused in me the realisation that an interesting turn had happened in the history of the premises. From the days of the British Raj, the owner of the huge bungalow like mansion had used that portion of the building rented out to the bank for usurious purposes. Obviously the interest rate was high & signatures/thumb impressions of the borrowers were taken in blank papers before they were given whatever they got.
Thousands of hapless persons who could not repay the loans had left the premises landless, homeless, disgraced and weeping shedding tears from their eyes. At the time of Independence the landed property alone was more than 4000 acres of land. Then the curse had had taken effect. Under the govt., land ceiling act all but 400 or so acres of land were left. A branch of the family becoming issueless has gone into oblivion. The other branch has also lost its direct lineage—as far as my knowledge goes – the only female child begot a son. But obviously the ladies of the place must have done acts of pujas, giving away food, money, other presents etc. For an Asuri got himself installed as branch manager (REVERSE USURER) of the branch in the premises rented out to the bank. Thousands of the down trodden (walking on the high wall of life & death) came to the bank, half of them virtually falling at my feet as if I was a deity, drank tea offered by me ( The monthly bill would be not less than Rs.300/-paid from my pocket.) and without being unnecessarily directed to run from pillar to post or delay, got enough loan amount to live & repay smiling, laughing & their hearts and bellies (place where food put into the mouth goes) thanking the bank involuntarily. I sometimes wonder whether there had been demons and angels, while demons got dissolved , the angels have taken over & been blessing us all. At Karajgaon, I put flower pots from which creepers blooming with flowers climbed to the ceiling of the veranda which was on the road side catching the eyes of the passers- by. Again, at Thalner I had arranged for a painting to be drawn – two ladies holding anjali mudra with folded hands, with pancha-mukha lights nearby & ‘ WELCOME’ written above . This was at the entrance to the branch. Inside, to the right side of the branch manager’s table was displayed a Gadayudha of Sri Vishnu (stone sculpture) found by me in the flood ridden muddy beds of the Tapti river one day as I used to bathe in the river daily. In Tiruvarur the customers eagerly awaited for the New Year- Pongal Season when I used to greet them with greeting cards printed with Tamil & / or English poems ( wrote by me) & / or displaying natural scenes.: all of the above at my personal cost. As befitting the birth place of the three vaagkayakarars (composers) of Karnatic Music we had musical concerts & drama also. From Ranchi I carry sweet memories of the BPL ST borrowers. Either I had gone with Sri K N Mishra / Sri Haldar or myself all alone for recovery. Almost always they would be found in drunken condition. When told that the branch manager had come for recovery – one & all of them - Their hands would immediately reach for the shirt/ pant -pockets & pay whatever amount they had. Such innocence I have never found any- where else. Again other facts will be told as & when the opportunity turns up. I shall write a purana (each has all the requirements of a purana—creation, vamsavali, holy/ unholy places, people and things as interesting as any purana) in my auotobiography.


In the 1990’s after I served as branch manager for 18 years without break, I was appointed the District Coordinator. In all, 22 branches of 2 districts were under my guidance. I came to know the different working methods of different managers. I travelled extensively. I saw the condition of the society & the economy. One day I could not contain myself any- more & on 28-8-1998 I wrote this following letter to Sri A.B. Vajpayee, our Prime Minister which is given as under:-

  • S.Sundararajan,
  • District Coordinator,
  • Central Bank Of India,
  • Arcot Woodlands Complex,
  • 1, Bharati Road
  • Cuddalore.607001
  • 28-8-1998.
  • Shri A. B. Vajpayee,
  • The HON., Prime Minister Of India,
  • New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Suggestions for improvements in Planning, Economy, Home and Foreign Affairs.


I have been Branch Manager of a nationalized bank for 18 years of which 8 years were in rural areas (including the backward district of Dhule- Maharashtra), 6 years in semi urban areas ( Tiruvarur in Tamil Nadu) and 4 years in urban area ( Ranchi- then Bihar). Thus I have extensive field experience. As a person genuinely concerned about the welfare of our country, I am compelled by my SELF to come out of my shell and put forth the following for your kind consideration:-

1 Agriculture is our main industry. In some pockets entire village populations depend upon agriculture: also large families depend upon small land holdings. In such circumstances our aim must be to see:- (1) that the farmers earn more through agriculture and (2) that they are provided with additional/alternative occupation so that with these incomes they are able to cross the poverty line.

The present state of agriculture needs much to be improved. Our farmers grow the same crops in the same soil conditions by the same methods and during the same seasons. To begin with the plants bear much less produce and even all this does not arrive at the market -for some amount is lost while still in the fields soaked by rain (rot and sprout), while some amount is lost during harvest, while some more is lost during processing and to top it all,more amount of produce is lost during post harvest/ awaiting marketing due to pests, rats and rain. Paddy and sesame suffer the most. After leying wet in the fields for some days, the paddy and sesame are harvested and immediately put on the roads for drying resulting in huge traffic jams. There is tention between the farmers, transporters and the passengers, with loss of man hours and fuel and some times there are accidents and grounded vehicles. And after all this ordeal when all the farmers take their produce to the market they get less due to the operation of the law of supply and demand.

To avoid all these problems two suggessins are made. (1) Our scientists must find new crops or make improvements upon existing crops so they can be harvested before the rains set in. suitable changes in the cropping pattern may be suggested to avoid produce loss due to the predictive vagaries of nature. Such scientific innovations, discoveries and suggestions must be effectively communicated to the farmers.( The accomplishment of the end use of the information must be ensured).

Persons who are involved with innovative ideas must be encouraged and hardships removed.

Mr. K. Chandrasekaran of Sigar village, Tiruvarur Dist., sowed soya in his fields. The plants grew well but did not bear beans. He did not get any compensation from the seed company (Official help was not rendered ).

Mr. T.A. Munavardeen of Vaipur village, Tiruvarur incurred loss due to sudden attack of rinderpest in his broiler farm, but the insurance company did not pay him either adequate or timely compensation.

Mr. Prakash Uttamrao Umak of Kapustalani village, Amravati, Maharashtra, set up a seed farm and sold his seeds in the open market. He found others selling fake seeds in his brand name and complained to the police with proof. There was no action from the police. Hence Mr. Prakash Umak, a veteran B.Sc., Agr., graduate gave up his seed farm Mr. Ravindra Ganorkar of Karajgaon village, Amravati, set up an SSI unit for pump set manufacturing. The bank which financed the unit refused to allow its pumpset benificiaries to purchase his pumpsets because its regional office sitting 199 km., off at Nagpur (at that time) would not take his guarantee, but insisted upon the ISI mark for the pumpsets!

I brought cross breed cows from Punjab( in 1980). I submitted a subsidy bill for Rs.1,30,000/-in the year the SFDA/DRDA was promoted while at Kapustalani and assisted for setting up poultry farm with back cock veriety at Karajgaon (1981) but I was transferred from both these places within a year before sustained development could be made.

The atmosphere must be conductive to R & D.

(11) Warehouses for every big village / cluster of villages must be constructed to keep the just harvested produce till it could be processed (dried) and after processing till the same is marketed. The village primary agriculture societies may be encouraged to construct their own godowns preferably with subsidy. Corporate bodies may be welcomed to construct big/ special godowns for cash crops, crops like potato, cotton, onions, vegetables, fruits etc. Monopoly bodies like The Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation, The Maharashtra Cotton Monopoly Board, and probably the Punjab wheat procuring agency must have enough pucca godowns for storing their entire stocks ( Tears drop down my eyes when I see these stocks stored wantonly in the open (space not having any cover) loose in quality and quantity due to incessant attacks by rats, pests, rain and pilferers. (An after addition- Cotton in Maharashtra and paddy in Tamil Nadu are often stored in the open with or without a canvas/ plastic sheets for cover. During a particular rainy season paddy bags floated away and were lost in the rain waters in Panruti Tk. In Anthakudi, Tiruvarur , passersby can see paddy plants growing out of gunny bags piled up along the road side out of public procurement.)

The village- level warehouses and godowns will increase our nation’s wealth and help stabilize the prices of the commodities.

(111) There must be adequate and timely relief under crop insurance scheme. The present scheme suffers from many drawbacks and if any one entity is benefited by this scheme is the insurance company. It is very odd to note that the poor farmers (their insurance premium) and the government (its subsidy component) directly contribute to the profit and loss account of the insurance company.

Both the methods of assessing the loss on the field as well as the formula applied for arriving at the compensation are arbitrary and unscientific and practically the farmers do not get any compensation year after year.

The method of assessment of the loss:- At present the Statistical Department and the Agriculture Department do the sample cutting and arrive at the assessment.

During the 93-94 season the company paid 27.5% to the farmers in Tiruvarur Block and only 2% to the adjusant low lying Keevalur Block where the loss was more. Again in Tiruvarur Block during 94-95 season it rained continuously for 110 days damaging both the main paddy crop as well as the subsequent sesame/black gram crop, but not a single rupee compensation was paid. The compensation payable for the loss incurred during 95-96 season in the Cuddalore Block is still to be paid.

While this scheme is hailed with fanfare, the dumb farmers perpetually suffer untold miseries. T he composition of the committee must be expanded to include 2 bankers ( with highest crops lending in the block) and the farmers’ representatives. The date of sample- cutting must be published in the local newspapers to enable the farmers to submit claims.) The maximum and minimum loss claims must be sampled, assessed on weighted average (area) basis , recorded and published AND MOST IMPORTANT PAID BEFORE THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE NEXT SEASON.

The formula applied for arriving at the compensation payable must also be changed to be based on the average of the last normal 3 year. While the law of insurance may hold that a person cannot profit by insurance, equity holds that he must be adequately compensated- especially the poor farmer with a large family.

And the scheme must be expanded to cover other crops ( encourage R&D) and also other risks like pests, plan e crashes etc.

(1v) High tech Agriculture projects must be encouraged and promoted with more vigour. Necessary infrastructure - facilities like roads, electricity etc to be provided even to the remotest corners of the country.

(v) All American seed imports must be banned unless the suppliers guaranty to the effect that no killer weeds will grow/ the seeds will not harm the growth of other plant generations. (The seeds of these grains do not sprout, while the indigenous grains sprout freely and carry the DNA with them.)

I I. Human Resources :-

Unemployment is our second biggest adversary. Due to the huge population growth the supply of labour is more than the demand for self sufficiency at the village level. Unmindful of this fact, the agencies promoting self employment are content with reaching their targets by numbers sponsored rather than verifying the numbers who actually got self employed. How many bullock cart, plough bullock pair, tailoring and radio mechanic units can a village have? (Presently added to clear how this multiplicity occurs:-- Different agencies vie to complete their individual quotas, other forces & this will need a big chapter to understand. I shall elaborate later.)

Instead of sitting at the highest planning level, the experts from all fields must come together down to the village level and sit to plan how the excess resources of the village including the labour force can be used/ employed to produce value/ wealth so that the village economy is not choked with excess of one activity/ activities of the village’s land and / or labour.

It may be much demanding, time consuming, expensive, but once this is done and entered in the computers, our growth is guaranteed. With the increased awareness among our people in the present day context, the exercise may not be that much difficult. Also, to ease the burden on our experts, awards may be given away for innovations and self help groups may be promoted in more numbers.

Doordarshan:- may bring out 2 separate channels for (1) Rural and urban development- Research and Industry channel with block-wise analysis of topography, soil condition, water facility, employment opportunities: functioning of the village units with analysis of their problems, project analysis of small units, simple accounting methods, formalities for starting units with list of papers for that type of unit may be telecast in local languages. A ‘Want & Wanted’ weekly telicast live to bring the sellers and the buyers of commodities and services are brought together. Experts may answer queries, show particularly how it works, is done etc. And government sponsored loan schemes with clear message that the loans must be repaid .

(2) Exclusive Education and Sports channel:

Education: What is a subject and where it is taught with actual classes.;

Sports: Sports classes especially chess, all sports, rules, how played, how to become a member, professional etc.

If the quality is maintained in both the above channels I am confident that many youngsters will switch over from viewing commercial channels.

In addition to the above, Doordarshan (and positively other commercial T.V. channels also) must show the following advertisement repeatedly ( Just like’ smoking, drinking are injurious to health’,’ for adults only’ etc.,- now added to elaborate-there are people who do not see beyond the words or who want to test how far the roots are going down/ the branches are going up, or take up a subject and want to have the last word- What is obvious is that they never agree even after good explanation , but stick to their point as if their lives depend upon the negligible / ordinary statement.- now added):-

‘Dear youngster! You know I am called the ‘Idiot Box”. Kindly know that you are wasting your time looking at me if you have more important things to do or if you are viewing something not meant for you.’

This way our youngsters may turn away from T.V., and do better things(1000 may remain rock still, but if I turns away and minds his business the purpose is done.- now added.}.’

Loans For Self employment|-At present the banks are directed to sanction loans under various schemes to create self employment. The success of this experiment may be measured by the recovery percentage / assets created/ units are functioning and this percentage is (painfully) low. Wastage of resources is more than that of utilization.

The reasons are manifold. (1) Almost all beneficiaries are unskilled..(2) They lack motivation. Many leave even the paying venture to get employed.(3) Many are a harassed lot- harassed by their parents, agency officials, govt., officials and last but not the least by the bankers.(4) Therefore in most cases the assets are not created. (5) The recovery laws are favourable for the beneficiary. (6) Bankers do not conduct regular recovery camps. Even if they do, the beneficiaries conveniently keep away from the village on the recovery dates. Other constrains like loans given before service area approach, double lending by commercial banks and cooperative bank, villagers openly passing resolutions in the meetings not to repay the loans etc.

To change the scenario it is suggested the ‘ Bharat Employment Bank’ is promoted and it may work on the following principles/ suggestions:-

  • (1) The Central and all State governments will provide the capital.

  • (2) All subsidy allocations earmarked for the employment schemes will be remitted to this bank.

  • (3) The commercial and private banks may be required to contribute according to a scientific formula. Interest at agreed rates may be paid for this contribution (repayable). This way the private banks who shun lending to priority sector may be booked.

  • (4) Any unemployed youth may register his/ her name with this bank for employment at the command area branch. He must not register his/ her name with the employment exchange. A ‘No Objection Certificate if deemed necessary.

  • (5) Family income criteria may be eliminated or beneficiary with more than prescribed limit may be asked to provide equitable mortgage, guaranty etc.

  • (6) Training will be part of the service rendered by the bank. The training will be wholesome i.e., in addition to the particular skill, the beneficiary will also be taught accounting , tax laws, procedures for starting and running the unit etc., All experts , technical, managerial, legal and other fields will be available. Most important the interaction between the bank officials and the beneficiary starts even before the loan is (applied for) sanctioned.

  • (7) The bank will absorb all the existing loans of the various banks given under various schemes. This will help in effective follow up of loans granted before the service area approach was effected as this new bank will have local field officers. The branch managers of commercial banks will heave a sigh of relief, for now they can work on prudential norms and concentrate on bigger units.

  • (8) Powers for effective recovery must be given. Minimum percentage recovery must be prescribed. A beneficiary who fails to pay for 3 months continuously must be interviewed by the superior for taking action on both the beneficiary and the field officer or for further assistance. (Added now- There must be no let up. The beneficiary and his family must be told in clear terms that receipts from the unit not forming part of the capital cash flow over and above the profits meant for plough back- cannot be laundered for family needs .Kheti ghar ka nahi, bank ka hai!). The government must come out clean to proclaim that the loans are meant to be repaid.

  • (9) All beneficiaies must operate their accounts through this bank only.

  • (10) Land holders cannot get assistance from this bank.

  • (11) Computerisation of all activities is a must. Must be interconnected with every other branch (and other all connected departments.). All land records, AL Lists, BPL Lists and all particulars about the borrower including caste, income etc., are to be fed into the computer. There will be effective planning execution and feed- back.

  • (12) Proper holiday period will be applied by this bank with minimum burden for repayment on the beneficiary. At present different banks follow different repayment schedules.

  • (13) Commercial banks will be free promoting big projects in rural areas.

  • (14) Congregation of experts, bankers and hungry youth- hungry for employment, knowledge and experiment, applying his/her skill to use and the presence of training centers will give scope for innovation. Atmosphere and life style in the village will change, industry and commercial activity will start at every village.

  • (15) Beneficiary need not run from govt., officials, to agency officials to bankers. He will straight away approach the bank. Experts will fit him with the data collected from the computers. This will eliminate waste of time, man-hours and anxiety.

  • (16) The bank will be employment oriented only. The beneficiaries may be called ‘Financially assisted self employed’.

  • (17) The bank will even operate in cities and metros. A bank for every state but interconnected with computers to enable information to be sent and received on any project by anyone interested- from VaishnavDevi to Kanyakumari, from Dwarka to Gangasagar.

  • (18) DRDA, Tahdco, MPDL ., etc., may be liquidated.( Now added – Political interference from being appointed Chairman to selection, advising not to take action will all be eliminated- a clean job: nothing else will be more pleasing to Bharat Mata!)

  • (19) It must be explained that members will get assistance as per the order of merit viz., SC/ST, income criteria, size of family, status of beneficiary like widow/ deserted with issue/s, single widow/ deserted etc.

(111) Natural Resources:
  • 1. Deforestation must be stopped.

  • 2. Exploitation of flora and founa must be stopped.

  • 3. Exploitation of natural resources and activities creating ecological problems done under the garb of tourism promotion, industry and exports promotion must be identified and stopped. The land mass must not be used for marine aqua culture.

  • Anybody responsible for these, including sandal wood, birds and animals smuggling , elephant poachers, persons involved in unlawful mining, sand lifting must be punished with life imprisonment.

  • 4. There must be effective use of water resources both river and under- ground waters. All parties / leaders/ heads of all states must come together for once and agree on a formula for sharing the river waters- Maximum a state will get according to this agreed formula. The excess water ( after application of this formula) of each river must be made available to the needy states. The needy after proving the need may provide their own funds, by public call, central assistance, IDBI loan etc. State/ states lying between giver and user may share on ‘give and take’ policy.Or the center may draw a mega project and allocate the capital requirements/water on agreed basis. The abundant water flowing during the monsoons may be stored in small dams, lakes, ponds and waste lands. Cooperatives/ Corporate Bodies/ individuals may be encouraged to construct small dams (to be cleared by experts and judiciary) so as not to harm other’s interests,, create problems or affect free flow. Encroachers settling in rivers, lakes, ponds and streams must be punished with life sentences.

We must take inspiration from Isreal (for more than one reason) and promote sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and dry farming and conserve ground water.

1v. GATT

We must insist on special clause to be included in the GATT to protect our interest in our medicinal plants. Any patent where Indian medicinal plants are involved mut be refered to us for clearance. We must stop export of our plants till such time all our medicines are patented. Our Siddha doctors must be encouraged to patent our medicines.

v. Transport:

Road : Every state capital must be connected with the others with 6 lane express high ways. The poor road conditions in the state borders esp., the Mah-, Andhra, TN, Bihar, WB, Orissa contribute to loss of man hours, time, fuel etc. and so every state minister for surface transport must make it a pointto inspect the road conditions of his state borders every 3 months. Express / point to point buses must have no halt for the first 200 kms and the last 150 kms. Average speed of these buses must be maintained at 55 kmph., in general in present conditions and must improve later with better conditions.


Every express train may have double deckers comparments in the middle for short distance commuters. The tickets may bear the printing in local language for them to use the double deckers. The unreserved long distance commuters may travel in compartments at the extreams. This will be effective to detect ticketless travel. It is good also from tourism point of view. If not in the middle the double deckers may be attached to the extreams also as they carry more passengers and are easy to get in and out.

1v. Banking:

All branches must be computerized. After due notice names of defaulters of loans of Rs. 1 Crore and above must be published in the news-papers. Action taken by bank in each such case must be discussed in the Parliament(!). If we want equity and progress, we must be prepared to sacrifice the black goats amongst us. A person who can make a blunder worth Rs. 1 Crore and above must be exposed to public for his incompetence/ fraudulent motives. Lose a handful of frauds/ invalids and get the good will of crores of citizens! On whose money these maharajas are living ( using their spl., status, power and cunningness? ( Ghar ka kheti/ Bap ka mal hai?).

V!!. It was during the Congress regime that we lost the POK due to lack of farsitedness on the part of Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru and his Defence Minister Mr. V.K.Menon . Had not they agreed to offer of cease fire and held for 72 hours (not in the letter- told to me by an army captain when I was on a circular tour of India) our forces would have forced the Pakistanies back to their borders. Again it was during the Congress regime that terrorism in India was brought in Punjab because it was feared that the Jan Sangh might come to power in Punjab. And the LTTE grew in its wake. The Congress just being power-hungry, even now incites the minorities and is bent upon pampering them.

The United Front on the other hand only worries about the welfare of the backward classes and by pampering the minorities want to be in power. The public are fooled by Pakistan, China and America favouring this rule because the United Front will ultimately destroy our culture.

The Communists’ one song is ‘Roti kapda makan’. Privately their leaders like Cassescues and Moa may indulge in maharaja style- living , for the poor public they will just provide ‘Roti kapda makan’ and deny them freedom of speech, expression, religion etc. That is to say that our Indian communist friends will not mind China taking over India, destroying our culture, temples, divinity of our rivers, banning of sindur, tilak marks etc., even while eating you will have to take only roti if they give you atta: or rice if they give rice. You have no choice. And pray what way our brothers in West Bengal are better off than any of us in other states?

Pokran ii is a fitting reply to Pakistan. Kashmir must made a part of India by removing the special status. We can settle Hindus and even Christians (We can watch America’s reaction) in Kashmir along with our crack forces in disguise. We must also claim back POK.

China is a proven aggressor having snatched Tibet. China has also violated our territory in 1962 stabbing in the back – they grabbing our land when we were singing Indu- chini bhai, bhai! We must check China effectively by calling for international observers whenever China makes preparations for attacks and denies them.

America’s double game must be exposed by sustained propaganda.

V111. No special privileges to MPs, MLAs like extra gas connections, phones, housing sites etc. The mood of the public and equity call for restraint in these matters.


As I have written in detail in the above paragraphs:-

If more grains are grown and every grain grown reaches the dining table/ eating bowl,

If employment comes freely and equitably,

If our natural resources are conserved and used for ideal purposes


If, we keep our borders intact with enough vigil and alert foreign policy,

I am sure,

Soon we shall be the SUPER MOST POWER in the world.


Yours faithfully,


CC: shri L.K.Advani & Shri M.M.JoshiThe C.M.Tamil NaduThe C.M.A.P.TheC.M.NaharashtraThe C.M. W.B.

Seven persons were served each with a copy of this letter. None acknowledged, nor could I find immediate / any response.

Some progress has been achieved in some fields; and much more still remains to be achieved. Black money, scams & money power have touched the limit of the horizon . Our own brethrern SC/ST people have been suppressed and minority communities pampered. Our natural resources are plundered. With mad western culture our sacred, divine, crystal clear water flowing river(mata)s are not so except during monsoons. Cow people are turning into wolf predators which is the worst of all. (In a supposed to be very pious) temple city of Srirangam people have acted selfishly not only in election affairs , also in almost every activity includimg charities which are done for some return (value, consideration , etc., with very few exceptions). The needy gets only a tricle And ashaadabhutitvam being universal embraces Srirangam as sure as Kali Purusha is very much present in gold, gambling dens etc.

In Tamil bramin society colloquialism we use a word ‘bra(u)haspati’- an ordinary person/ idiot who thinks he knows everything – in Hindi parlance ‘aadmi jo apne aapko jyada samasta hai’- so there were brahaspatis around the persons to whom the letter was addressed or the recepients themselves were brahaspatis not having the humility/ magnanimity to acknowledge this much a lengthy letter. I am constrained to state that such people had lead our country & people & still are.

A much concerned & responsible person (as worthy as any citizen of India) with rich field experience had made recommendations with rich feed-back. All of them sent to trash bin like a freshly plucked apple put in a box of rotten potatoes. No politician endorses for a common cause if it does not serve his personal agenda. The status qua must be maintained. And a person does not know that a thing exists / is possible for the common benefit of all including himself – a lack of knowledge & understanding. Fate of this nation with invalids & self(ish) help groups!

From among the old papers with me I find that the letter was originally written by me in pen addressed to the Chairman, Planning Commission.. So I am 100% sure that a copy of the typed letter must have been endorsed to the Chairman The Planning Commission, Secretariat, New Delhi.

Now through these columns I invite all the 8 Dhik Palaks to explain why the letter was not acknowledged ( an Acknowledge ment those days would have cost less than Rs. 5/-. Also explain why the suggestions were ditched? What flaw/impracticability was perceived? All the suggestions were relevant those days and some are now. A dig at the old records is not necessary.( That may be done at leisure.) The papers are on display in the monitor. All that is needed is your kind attention. In the copy endorsed to the CM, Maharashtra I had shown my concern for the saline water of Poorna ( how to put it to use) and public procured cotton (to safeguard the quality & quantity}. To the CM,TN I had mentioned about sareguard of PDS paddy & construction of as many check dams (barrages) as possible & diversion of flood waters through channels dug on both sides along the course of Kavery (If not for irrigation direct at least the ground water table may go up.).

As a follow up to this letter I had highlighted the main features of the same with a letter on 10 7 99 in the capacity of District Coordinator to the Lead District Manager as Problems & Suggestions under the head, ’Group Discussions Preliminary To DLRC with copy endorsed to LDM, Cuddalore, & RO Trichi.

Further to the above, I had sent a letter to the LDM, Cuddalore dt: 12-1-2000 to consider under discussions in the DLRC, the following problems under unemployment & solutions:-

For growing unemployment it is suggested that each Distric Industies Center must offer consultancy services to all aspiring youths with a certificate after|-

  • 1 An aptitude & I.Q., test to find to which trade, service, profession, skill he/she can adapt.
  • 2 Provide him/ her with training basic accounting up to balance sheet, commercial, industrial, tax ,laws, records & books and other requirements of starting & running the unit,
  • 3 Provide him proper Project Report,
  • 4 For a prescribed fee / free depending upon his/her status.
  • 5 On an ongoing basis.


( What the ISIS is doing at the state level must be done at district level, with more vigour at backward districts.)

In a separate sheet I had these following notes-

Block Level Study On – (1) Water Resources (2)Forests: Flora & founa (3) Cropping Pattern – Soil climate water harvesting processing storage seed-production pest-control R &D (4) Flood control / Drought control (5) Infrasructure- Road/ rail /canal development electricity (power) Transport facilities- godowns insurance transit boarding lodging & banking (6) Communication- postal courier telegraph phones telex fax (Now all have changed),

Remarks: With data of all blocks fed onto computers, find out what is obtaining under same conditions else-where: compare/ adapt/ adopt/ improve/ innovate.

Regarding Road construction: multinationals, subsidize rural roads different plates/ watchers/ accidents

HERE SUDDENLY A QUESTION HAS APPEARED OUT OF THE BLUE|I had written this question in the left side magin.): --

Who will investigate CBI Officers? I do not remember the context prompting me to investigate the investigators.

(7) Human Resources- analysis for employment, sports professionals fine arts, consultation services to guide youth, technical education college of human resources, critical analysis of services rendered by District Industries Center & The Employment Exchange- Always call for feed back in order to improve. Change education system to adapt to employment potential.

Land ( choose best location), labour ( acquir proper and updated know-how) capital (finance, adequate but enough) management- guide & help to profit, repay & prosper.- end of the notes.

And during the 1990’s, I had saved my bank from embarrassment, ignominy & loss. On an ordinary business day I had phoned to RO . There seemed to be no one there. I could get them only after a long hitting at the phones. A close friend who took the phone hissed on the mouth-piece that all hell has broken at the RO. Only on my persisting enquiry he replied that a theft of a dozen & more gold packets have been reported from a branch; there was no outsider problems; and none of the staff members had come forward even to suggest’ who & how of the matter’. While absorbed in thought about the problem, some happening 3-4 days ago suddenly flashed in my mind. I asked if I could talk with a particular DCO & when handed over to him I gave the best ever vital clue that there-after led to the arrest of the culprit and recovery of more than 90% of the gold stolen. Alas ! The DCO took the entire credit for himself. He went on to get promoted easily on the basis of this clean job. But Perumal had the last word. He could not hold on to promotion due to some constraints & surrendered the same along with excess pay drawn & T.A., Dime allowances. More painful must have been his taking VRS 1or 2 years just before the VRS Scheme was implemented in the banking sector. His union friends might have let him down by with-holding inside information. I had saved my staff members on so many occasions taking corrective actions at the branch level ( at no loss to the bank)without any leakage.

Again I say Perumal (Sriman Narayanan ) always has the last word. In fact it was I who should have taken that VRS. The GM told me he would not let me out . So, I had kept away but when the bank offered rhe same I applied. The then RM wanted to send me away penniless because he said that I was arrogant. But this time the GM prevailed upon the RM & ultimately I was the last to get the VRS order as per the scheme . It took 6 months from date of issue to date of the order. The RM might have thought that at least I was harassed for so long. But the winner was I for I escaped with loss of just 2 months salary! And here also I till date think that I might be the one or one of the very few to get VRS at minimum loss. Had my VRS been effected in the first month itself then I would have lost 72-62= 10 months ‘ salary. In all I got 64 + 6 = 70 months’ salary.

Hail Sriman Narayana!.


All RMs in particular as well as all other officials who came & went never bothered to compensate the borrowers who lost their gold packets. I had felt sorry for them when some of them brought it to my notice. I had argued with the branch staff to recommend for reimbursement of the same which would be noble, legal and earn the good will of the people of the command area and the bank must have already been reimbursed by the insurance company. My pleas to whoever I talked about this went waste. Those who thought that they saved the bank some amount had in fact committed injustice to the society. An offshoot of the mass VRS’ was that I found to my amusement, several dumb people ( who can never write an essay on any subject connected with banking) rose to the positions of CMs & AGMS ! Climbing the grape wine through maska maring/ union pressure? Or had they been promoted on seniority basis rather than on merit as there were not enough eligible candidates?

I, on my part have risen from being a Nationalist to being a Universalist. Some of the views I have expressed in my earlier life have since changed. You will come to know about it when I shall reproduce here the text of a letter I wrote to the Discovery Channel in connection with serial- Man vs. Wild| Survival of the Fittest. And also my book ‘ Tirupavai- Pudu Vyakyanam Pudir Avizhndadu’

In between & after fighting for justice & serving the down trodden I had occasion for divine experience. Take me for only half matured & lacking in practical wisdom &/ or the enzyme axiline did not find it fit to spring in me , I found fault in my wife on something that was not a matter to all others but in my mind- set it mattered much. I had sent my wife home. Life became unbearable. One day I stood in front of Sri LakshmiNrusimha to whom I prayed daily & took an oath that I was going & I would return if only I could pray to Him with second wife . I applied for 15 days medical leave & settled in Arasalur. Astonishingly the tenant had packed his things & was wondering to whom he should hand over the key of our ancestral house. We both were happy. That augured well. Hunting [for my purpose - nobody ever stayed long near me, much less assuring to help me) was sporadic, but I settled into a routine- Wake up at 5 am, bathing in Kaveri, performing sandhya (108 Gayatries),picking flowers & tulsi from nandavanam, following tirumanjana kudam, having darsanam of Sri Kambathadiyan (Anjaneyar), Sri Vedanarayana Perumal, Offering mala & saram ( prepared by me the previous day & kept fresh in the kudalai, having darsanam of Sri Vedavalli Thayar. Circumambulating the temple along the therodum veedhis (Car steets) , I would reach home at Arasalur. I used to go to the local temple & pay my obeisance to Sri Sridevi Sri Bhoodevi sameta Sri Prasanna venkatesa & Sri Rukmini Sri Satyabhama sameta Sri NavaneetaKrishna Perumal. I would offer malas & sarams. Tirunarayana once & Arasalur Perumal twice a day unless there was an utsavam in Tirunarayanapuram. Apart from self cooking, going through newspapers,preparing malas & sarams, I would recite Sri Vishnu sahasra nama as many times as possible (not less than 6 times) & Divya Prabhandas-100,200,300,400 daily as time permitted. Ultimately my distant grand- father not knowing himself what to do drew lots before Sri Vedanarayana Perumal ( when He visited Arasalur on the 3rd day of the brammostavam.) & Perumal allowed him to help me. Taking up the cause we had landed in a town , We were lead to one Mr. Nagarajan instead the original one. This Mr. Nagarajan turned up the real treasure that after taking darshanam Of Sri Alarmel Manga & Sri Srinvasan at Tirupati Tirumalai I returned to my head quarters and paid my obeisance to Sri lLkshmiNrusimha with Sowbhagyavati Satybhama( belonging to Thenkalai Sect- Phoolavari Gomandur Ilayavalli Swayamacharya) at my side on a Vijaya Dasami day after a gap of 17 months! Immediately I called back my Sow.Rukmini (Sowbhagyavati Prema Lata along with Chi Shyam Sundar, my son- Just after arriving in Tamil Nadu I had visited Prema to tell her my decision and stayed with her for some days.). Perumal had ordained that the thalaichan pillai (leader of the next generation) must be Prema’s son. By these events I am convinced that everything happened as per Perumal’s wish. At the bank there was a reluctant enquiry. As opposed to everybody’s expectation I accepted the charge. On his part the RM magnanimously passed an order of Censure . Can there be a better ending? (Later as time passed I had felt sorry for my action & I have since asked for pardon from one & all concerned. Not that anybody was waiting for me to apologize. Many must have thought a nuisance was over. Some said that they knew that one day I would feel sorry. Why I felt sorry was when I felt that they & children might be vulnerable and feel awkward when some people might ask them, & or have some loose talk- not all people are fair).

In the latter half of the 1990’s, instead of finding accommodation in Cuddalore I stayed in nearby Thiruvahindrapuram a Divya Desam. The (winding like a serpent Garuda Nadi) river, the small hillock Sweta Giri with Sri Hayagreiver temple and the sacred place under the Pipal tree where Sri Vedanta Deika: did penance & in between the river & hill the beautiful temple presided over by Sri Tarangamukha Nandini Hemabja Nyika Sameta Sri Devanata Perumal Achutan (easily approachable by simple devotees) ,Dasa Satyan (One who is truthful to His devotees.) all mesmerized me. On their part the sthalthars freely took me into their fold. I gave up my Veerappan moustache, wore panchakacham etc. I already displayed thiruman-srichurnam on my forehead.. Daily I attended the Visvaroopam darsanam & nadia sathu-aravanai- pallipaduthal. I enjoyed joinig prabhanda parayanam. Sometimes I would be in the adhyapaka goshti & other times I would be in the veda parayana goshti, except that I would not get satari in Vedaparayana goshti. I felt awkward & humble by the concern & affection shown to me by Sri u.v., Rajagopalachariar Swami & Sri u.v Tiruvengadam Swami( adyapakam) & Sri u.v. Navalpakkam Varadachariar Swami & grand old Desika Bhattar & Sri u.v Ramadurai ( now perfoming kashaya kainkaryam at the feet of Srimad Andavan Swamigal & almost one & all. I had provided pathiri, senkazhuneer &some other plant seeds to be planted in the Desikan Tirumaligai. I had sat at Sri Desikan, Sri Thayar & Sri Hayagreevar sannidis for hours together & meditated. It was a wonderful time taking part in all the festivals. One big wonderful thing happened! The year I settled in Tiruvaheendrapuram, Sri Dehaleeswarar of Tirukkovilur visited us on His way to Devanampattanam for Masi Kadaladal after a gap of 37 years! I was elated! Twise thenkalai Perumals have given darsanam to a vadakalayan in urs where vadakalai Perumals reside!! Or did He take the first chance to ashirvad adiyen for the wisdom to find the Rg Veda praising the Nalayira Divya Prabhandas & Azhvars, & Swami Nammazhvar adapting slokas from Baghavata Puranam in the ist pathu of 2nd dasakam( Please read the 5th chapter of my book ‘Tirupavai Pudu Vyakyanam Pudir Avinzhdadu & an essay on this subject in Nrusimhapriya Sep 2007- Vaayum thirai ugalum kaanal mada naaraay!. Thiruvaymozhi 2 1 1 )’!!! At the times of sathumurais I had felt like living in Vaikuntam- A kankollakakshi!!!! As a person interested in agriculture I cultivated tulsi and other plants in the backyard. & I enjoyed going around Panruti T.k., for its orchards & flower gardens. Lilies of all hue & colour dance in the lakes & ponds! I had been stuck with wonder when I often happened to see jack-fruit trees bearing 20 and / more fruits each weighing more than a quintal , the same way the thin santra trees ( at Karajgaon ) bore nearly 500 or more fruits & had to be supported by bamboo logs!.

While walking along the wooded bank of the Kaveri I had imagined Azhakan Ilanthiraiyan galloping on the back of his horse to save Ammangai & Madevatikal: At Karajgaon while visiting Poorna – Megha Sangamam & having darshan of Sri Narasinha, I had a vision of Sri Prahlada Vijayam: among the Padas surrounding Tap(t)I Shivaji & his son Sambhaji being helped by the Desasths, Kunbis, Jamadars, Baniyas, Bhils & Kolis on their way back to Raighar from Dilli: while cycling through the plains of Vidarbha (Vuna Lake, Ramtek, Dhapewada, Wardha road - sights of distant dust& clamour riminding me of The Light Horse Cavalry Regiment of Kanoji Angre & while passing near high steeped mountain plateaus, the war cry of Tanaji Malusurey: while travelling in trains between Jalgaon and Nasik looking at the distant amanussia hills visualising the club sports of Maruti, Sugriva and other kimpurusha monkey lords: riding in jeep along the cool shaded bank of the Gedilam(Garuda Nadhi), Kundia Mallan with Madhuravalli, Veeravalli and Annavalli along side having a leisurely ride on his elephant on many moon lit poornima nights. During my stay in Bihar I had shed tears on seeing the plight of the have-nots-during monsoons the Ganga & other rivers will turn into seas & play havoc : then winter will set in all its severity: and the summer will produce heat waves, in all these three occasions around the year there will be disaster & loss of lives. This is repeated year after year ( I believe, let my belief be wrong) till this date. The energy – all the water & heat & the richness of the soil- alluvial & minerals, never found in any other state in such abundance go unharnessed because the people elected governments consisted/ consist of self oriented statesmen instead of being people oriented. The Biharis are generous hosts & their Hindi is sweat and gentle. As a person who enjoys the nuances of a language, I had savoured the sweatness of their tongue. And always Srimad Vedamarga Pratishtapanacharya, Sri Paramahamsa Parivrajaka Srimad Baghavat Ramanuja Siddhanta Nirdharana Sri Varaha Theertha Jeer Swami ( A little of Puran Bhagat & much more of other real & imaginary holy men but not Babas & those who shower gold & silver but not real bhakti on Divya Dampathi) who takes all beings into his fold! He lives in me & I live in him.

Incidentally, I am writing a letter to Star T V Tamil Channel , the following letter:-

Sri Vedanta Desikaya Nama:


S Sundararajan,
G1 Block 1 Ramanujam Apartments,
105, West Adayavalanchan,
Srirangam. 620006,


To ,

M/S Star T V Vijay Tamil Chennai.


While viewing Neeya ,Naanaa ? I noticed suppression of facts in two of the episodes. If an episode of this nature- putting one against another and seeming to allow a free exchange of views and then drawing a conclusion based on the facts discussed is fair indeed as long as all the people who attend the venue ( after a public announcement is made well in time of the title, venue and time, all are allowed to participate). Pick and choose policy must not be used for discussion on sensitive matters. I assume/ am forced to think that you are following exactly the same- pick and choose. I shall explain why I am lead to this conclusion, is given below:-

1There was a discussion about organic vs. scientific inputs in agriculture. The scientists/ businessmen were forging ahead and the organic people were losing ground. Though I did not follow the discussion till conclusion I do not think that anybody from the organic side asked the following questions :- Those days we used to eat pazhaiyadu (cooked rice kept overnight) for two days if not for three days. Pulyodarai kattuchadam lasted for 4/5 days. Neeraaram (water in which the previous day’s cooked rice was kept immersed) drank in the morning gave us strength till mid-day. Now it is all gone. The best rice cooked in the morning starts decaying in the afternoon. Why?

2The new verieties of rice are not as tasty as they used to be before. Decades ago people enjoyed home meals as well as hotel foods for the taste variation. Now people eat home food for health purposes and avoid hotel food both for its tastelessness and health problems. Why?

It is because in olden days we grew grains & vegetables with purely organic materials provided by Mother Earth: now we use chemicals ( fertilizers & pesticides from factories)- though they ( grains & vegetables) look similar, we in fact eat synthetic food which is neither healthy nor tasty.

Another atrocity being done in animal husbandry is feeding herbivorous animals with feeds prepared with non-vegetarian mix. The animals cannot protest: the feed must have been made tasty. To give an example, millions of cows were slaughtered, none of the people responsible were punished. We are an irresponsible lot.

Even the carnivorous lions & tigers just fatally maim or kill other carnivorous animals ( hyenas, leopards etc.,: not eat them). Only some MAD MEN – psychological invalids put into their mouths anything & everything. Given half chance, they will turn cannibals.

2. Neeya, Nana?- Love marriage vs. arranged marriage ( somewhat in the same lines). The young people were vociferously arguing in favour of love marriage.

Sure, Love has no barriers- religion, caste, creed, language, status, age (some even say sex). This is a delicate subject. I only ask the following question to those in favour of teen age love / ‘love based upon certain considerations is not love’:-

If love is so wonderful , divine, union (‘sangamam’)of two bodies but one heart, then why there are so many broken hearts, termination of teen-age pregnancies, suicides & divorces?

In a particular inter caste marriage, abandoned by the girl’s family (or both), the couple settled away: the drunkard sadist rogue of the husband forced the wife to be surrogate mother 6 times- every time beating her to submit to his wish, injections, scans, near force feeding, exposure of private parts to males, observations, scissearian section, not being allowed even a glimpse of the child after delivery & just being abandoned after delivery. The governments, authorities, the couples who adopted the children, the doctors, the agents & the husband, are they all not criminals?

No one seemed to pose this question which will have opened the eyes of the ignorant & the innocents.

3. The serial being telecast under the title ‘Saravanan Meenatchi’ is ominous. There seems a plot is on to defame & change the well founded culture of the people of the place :- The location is a place in popular Then Pandi Cheemai. All the ingredients of the locale including the woman’s commitment to the lover, the boy’s heroics of going to any extent to get his girl to himself have all been already shown with full force. In such situation the present day hero Saravanan must somehow have appeared at the marriage hall & tied the knot to the heroin Meenatchi. Or finding that Saravanan had not come & the other Saravanan would by all means tie the knot , Meenatchi must have held to her ground & refused to get the knot tied, or having submitted to the wish of her father to get her married to any one other than Saravanan, she should have ended her life. At the extreme she should have immediately accepted the other Saravanan as her husband & started a new life forgetting the past. The present day Meenatchi is NOT THEN PANDI PENN. HER GRAND MOTHER ASKING HER TO THROW THE THALI AT THE OTHER SARAVANAN DOES NOT BELONG TO THE THEN PANDI CULTURE. To show Vettaiyan turning into a hero & because of this Meenatchi slowly accepts him as her husband may be o.k., for any ordinary serial, but not for one based on Then Pandi Cheemai Culture. Just as generations of tuft headed south Indian bramins have never touched non-vegetarian foods, generations of Then Pandi Maravas have cut & offered their heads to Kali when they failed to save their king from his enemies, so have generations of Hindu women in general & then pandi cheemai women in particular have offered their than, man, vachan, pran- udal porul avi anaithum to one man only. Attempts to break this age old good culture and promote other religious & foreign culture does not augur well for the society. I hope the serial is stopped unless the director could produce a miracle by which the said age old high values are saved & projected.

4. The serial ‘Meendum Mahabharatham’ is made up of stories, incidents & other features originally not found in the Mahabharatham authored by Sri Veda Vyasa, Perundevanar & Villiputhurar along with a bit of the original. Even claiming that it is not the original Mahabharatham in toto, no one has any right to distort the holy scriptures. The Buddists & other religious writers had written their version of Ramayanam where they had shown that Rama married Sita, his own sister. Now the neo historians like Romilla Thaper & others are bla..blawing that it is the original Ramayanam & Sri Valmiki’s & Kamban’s are fictions! I hope that Star T.V. will not stoop too low to disgrace Mahabharatam.

I request that Neeya Nana, Super Singer or serial (drama), must not be promoted with a secret agenda.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,


CC The hinduDinamaniDinamalarSriNrusimhapriyaSri Panchajanyam

Please find enclosed herewith a letter addressed to M/S. Star T.V. Vijay Tamil for your information.

S Sundararajan.

Let us hit back the trail - We just took a shot at (sent a letter to) Star T.V. Vijay Tamil


:After obtaining VRS, I settled in Srirangam. I started attending Veli Andal Sannidi. I was initiated in to serving Sri Andal by the priest Sri U V Kidambi (Actually it is Ghatamboo- Sanskrit for a person performing Theertha Kainkaryam) V Rangarajan Swami. I have elaborated the developments in my book ‘Tirupavai – Pudhu Vyakyanam Pudhri Avizhndhadhu.’ Ever since I have been performing the dual duty of gathering support for the Thirukalyanam (Serthi Utsavam ) Of Sri Ranganathar & Sri Andal at Srirangam & spreading the Message of Universal Peace & Brother-Hood of Sri Andal as contained in Her ‘Tirupavai” Prabandham. She is Mother of all beings & the Divine Consort of Sriman Narayana. Tirupavai is actually Her Charama Sloka – by reciting it & observing in one’s life the teachings contained therein any jivatma shall get moksha at the end of this present birth. The book answers to all queries & doubts of a person who is an atheist, a person who has remained so much innocent that he is in need of getting introduced to god concept & leading him to moksha – salvation , a person who is confused by so many religions & so many siddhantas –explaining salient features & principles of all popular religions & all different siddhantas without any bais & then leading him to understand why & how Sri Visishtadvaita siddhanta of Sri Vaishnavism is the one reality & Sriman Narayana is the Creator & the Lord of the Universe. All physical laws of scientists from Darwin, Einstein To Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinov – Quantum Physics to the general theory of relativity, from black hole to big bang & event horizon have all been explained to understand that science & theology lead to one direction – Visishtadvaita siddhanta. The book also has some questions not answerable by even the intellectuals. This book explains that only Visishtadvata siddhanta is one & only Universal Law.

I had in the mean time built a new house entirely with my retirement benefits at our ancestral home ( Thanks Giving for having given me refuge when I needed it most) & it so happened that at the same time the Samprokshanam of Sri Prasanna Venkatesa & Sri Navaneeta Krshna took place. I took this opportunity to bring out the Stala Puranam of our village (Arasalur Maahaatmyam) a long cherished desire to honour my native place & the Perumal at Arasalur.

The same time (2004-Aug) after performing the gruhapravesam ceremony & publication of Arasalur Maahatmyam only, I had time to read Sri Nrusimhapriya. I noticed an ad that the Sankaracharya of Kanchi had offered to donate a golden portable sannidhi to adorn the presiding diety Sri Malolan & other perumal & parivara idols to Sri Ahobila Mutt & so the bhaktas might donate generously. The ad had been appearing for months together. When I saw the ad I was furious. As usual I took permission from the Divine Couple& wrote a letter to Srimad Azhakiyasingar. In the letter I wrote how the saivites from very earlier times had been bent upon usurping the due place of Vaishnavism by various methods. They had interpolated right from Vedas, Mahabharatam ( The entire Shanti Parva had been re-written by them putting Sri Siva in place of Sri Vishnu) the Puranas, Smirits, in almost all works. Manu Satyavrata in whose hands Sriman Narayana appeared as mastyavatara was the first Pandia king & he was a vaishnavite: that was why fish insignia was in their flag. He built a temple for the Lord Sriman Narayana in his capital. The Lord was anointed Kudalzhagar & Thayar Madhuravalli. He named his capital Nanmadakudal & Madurai after the names of the Divine Couple. While these are the facts the saivites interpolated the scripts & history to make it appear that Sri Parvati was born to a pandia king as Sri Meenakshi. The past history was slowly superimposed with the new found glory for the daughter of the dynasty. Further developments of Sri Meenakshi cult we all know. At Chidambaram Sri Natarajan dances with the ecstasy of having had the darshanam of Sri Govindarajan. That is why he stands at the feet of the Lord while the Lord is reclining on His serpent bed with His feet easily visible to Sri Natarajan. The Bharata Natya sastra attributes the origin of bharata natya to Sri Krishna – His ras-krida & navanita natya. He is the real Natvarlal. But the Chola king, his guru Ottakuthar, minister Sekizhar & many of his chiefteins being saivits, had attributed the origin of bharata natyam to Sri Natarajan and also usurped all areas around the shrine of Lord Govindarajan. Thillai moovaayiram, Thiruvellarai moovaayirathu ezhunooru, Thiru Naangoor naalaayirathu onru - these are the vaidics Sri Muchukunda brought from Kasi & settled at Thillai, Thiruvellarai and Thirunangur to serve Sri Govindarajan, Sri Pundarikakshan & Thiru Nangur Nava Thirupathi Perumals respectively. Out of these, the Dhikshidars had changed loyalty for obvious reasons. Then for ages the saivites right from the author of Skanda Puranam to all nayanmars and other devout devotees like Sri Kumarakurubarar were not able to pin point the place where the sixth padaiveedu of Sri Murugan was situate . All of a sudden some ill founded enthusiastic saivites were adamant in building a temple for Sri Murugan at Thirumaliruncholai claiming that was the sixth padaiveedu. The Thirupathi & Thirumaliruncholai both belong to Perumal in toto (entirety). The Prabhandas bear testimony to the fact that both the mountains belong to Perumal. The saivites are always on the move. Even now the Kanchi Sakarcharya is claiming right to performing rituals in the sanctum of Tirumalai Sannidhi. His offer to donate golden mandapam is to soften the vaishnavas. He is a kapata sanyasi . So please do not accept his offer. IF & WHEN SRI MALOLAN WANTS A GOLDEN SANNIDHI HE WILL GET IT FROM HIS OWN DEVOTEES. As soon as he received the letter Srimad Azhgiyasingar sent his local power agent to me to verify. I replied that I served Sri Veli Andal & I did write according to my conscience. The ad was discontinued & what more the Sankarcharya was held on a charge. Only very later when about 18 months had gone did I tell Srimad Azhgiya Singer (camping at Thillai Nagar Trichi) thai it was I that wrote the letter. SUDDENLY SRIMAD AZHGIYASINGAR’S FACE LIGHTED UP, HE WAS ALL SMILES AND UTTERED THE WORDS I CHERISH MOST IN MY LIFE, ‘YOU ARE THE PRATHAMA SISHYA OF THIS MATAM – NEERTHAN NAMADHU MATATHIN PRADHAMA SISHYAR.’ After exchange of pleasantries, he bid me to write the history of the mutt. Sometime later I started the same in right earnest. I found that facts were distorted to suit their purposes. I also realized that keeping purely to the light of truth if I write that the Ahobilam mutt had always been vadakalai, thenkalaiyars will say that that is to be expected from me, a vadakalai. On the other hand keeping true & if I find & say that at times the Ahobila mutt had practiced thenkali sampradhayam , the vadakalais will call me a traitor. Keep the kernel & dispose of the husk is what I practice; that is how I keep to the right path while going through anything & everything, so I did not pursue the matter. On an another occasion when a periodical carried articles on Sri Ahobila Mutt with character assassination nature I wrote back a befitting reply which made it soften down.


My birth place Devakottai? Even before the idea struck me that I must render some good things for those (things- places) associated with me, I had already lauded the people of the area Chettiars of the third varna for their sincere hard work throughout the history of our country (read pages 289 & 290- my book Tirupavai Pudu Vyakyanam Pudir Avizhnthathu Giri Trading), spontaneously!

To my delight just the year the second edition of the book was released, a Thani Kovil Nachiyar was installed with ‘ Ahvan Mudra’ in Arasalur. According to the Stapathi, twice he failed to make Nachiyar image with padma/ abhaya hasta unsuccessfully. Third time when he tried the ahvan mudra, he got the perfect Padmavti Nachiyar. Thayar has endorsed & blessed the book written with Sri Andal’s authorship. (I had no knowledge of the Thayar getting installed until the day before the rituals started. I was then informed of the installation and to participate in the parayanams, poornahuthis, consecration & sarrumurai. I had participated & am blessed.

Presently I am occupied with requesting the authorities to arrange for the annual Celestial Wedding of the Divya Dampati Sri Ranganathar Sri Andal Thirukalyanam Serthi Utsavam at Srirangam. The same had been celebrated since a separate temple was dedicated to Sri Andal, both the Moolavar and Utsavar in sitting position – this sitting position clearly shows that the thirukalyana serthi uthsavam of Sri Ranganathar with Sri Andal had been performed as with all other mahishies- Sri Ranganyaki Thyar, Sri Kamalavalli Thayar and Sri Cherakulavalli Thayar, all of them are in sitting position and the serthi uthsavam is performed till today. If only exchange of garlands was contemplated then Sri Andal must be in standing position as in all other temples. But even in many of those temples where Sri Andal poses in standing position the thirukalyana serthi uthsavam is also performed along with exchange of garlands. In Srirangam the exchange of garlands is performed twice at Sri Vali Andal Sannidhi. The first is on the sixth day of the Adi Brahmotsavam when Sri Ranganathar returns from Ooraiyur after thirukalanam serthi utsavam with Sri Kamalavlli Thayar. Do you call it happentance, coincidence or divine order that Sri Andal Sannidhi came up at the then north bank of Then Thiru Kavery, that it was the entry point of the bride’s caravan from southern Pandia Nadu that the Poomalai Soodikodutha Nachiyar Sri Andal and the eternal poomalai Sri Kavery conversed,sang and danced with each other when Sri Andal dived,swam and took the holy bath (Maha Nadhi Snanam) and the sannidhi is on the way side of the Lord’s return journey from Ooraiyur for easy exchange of garlands? Then again why should Sri Ranganathar visit Sri Andal Sannidhi on His way back to sanctum after a visit to Kavery on the 18/28th of the Adi Perukku? These two occasions are not just coincidence. The first visit on the sixth day of the Adi Brahmostavam is for exchange of garlands and the second visit on the 18/28th of Adi Perukku is for the thirukalyanam serthi sevai. This fact is borne out by the prevailing custom of performing all the rituals connected with performing serthi sevai of the Divine Thampathi on Thiruvadipooram – right from performing thirumanjanam by periya kovil bhattars in the periya perumal’s thirumanjana vedhi with Sri Andal Uthsavar, arulappadu, sthalathar sthanikars mariyadhai and NO NITHYANUSANTHANAM AT UDAIYAVAR SANNIDHI AS IS ALWAYS THE CASE WHEN THERE IS NAMPERUMAL PURAPPADU - A PRACTICE IN VOGUE TILL DATE FROM INCEPTION OF UDAIYAVAR SANNIDHI. Had it not been for the return of the Lord to Srirangam after (1323 – 1371) 48 years , a further lapse of 50 years before Sri Andal Uthsavar surfaced and installation of the same at Sri Ul Andal Sannidhi instead of at Sri Veli Andal Sannidhi all combined to shift the performance to erase the memory and the urge to resume the same. If the Uthsavar was installed at Sri Veli Andal Sannidhi then people at that time would have wondered at the thirumanjanam and other rituals being performed without Namperumal along with Sri Andal and would have surely performed the serthi on Thiruvadipooram or first purappadu after Jeshtabhishekam on 18/28th of Adi. Only on the argument that it is not performed at present, we, the entire Bhakta and Bhagavata Samuhas are denied the divine bliss of worship on Sri Ranganathar and Sri Andal Thirukalyanam Serthi sevai ! This sevai which was witnessed by all right from Sri Periyazhvar, Sri Thirumangaiazhvar, Sri Nathamunikal, Sri Alavanthar and Sri Ramanujar with all his sishyakotis, including Sri Vedanta Desikar and Sri Pillailokachariyar. And I am in no mood to describe the agony that might have been of Sri Manavala Mamunikal, now in Vaikuntham, at not having had the darshanam of the serthi uthsavam while his long stay at Srirangam. Now at least the authorities must understand the importance of the uthsavam and arrange for the same as soon as the Samproktionam is performed. HAIL SRI RANGANATHAR AND SRI ANDAL!

The book ‘Thirupavai Pudu Vyakyanam Pudir Avizhndadu’ written by me centers around Thirupavai which is the Charama Sloka of Sri MahaLakshmi in Her physical visible form as Sri BhoomaDevi who in turn took the incarnation as Sri Andal to enable Her to interact with Her children in a language as divine as Sanskrit and also be easily understood by all – Tamil had been and is being spoken from China in the East to Greece in the West, there are Tamil words in African, Mayan and Inca languages and now it has spread to all the continents . As all beings are Her children the Thirupavai assures moksha to one and all who chant (mantra) and follow its message (tantra). It preaches ahimsa (to both beings and nonbeings), peaceful coexistence and surrender (all) the self to the Lord. Apart from Vedic rituals which assure certain benefits, mani ,mantra, aushada and the blessings of simple emaciated holymen and forefathers (and mothers), no one on the earth is capable of changing the fate of a person. The Lord has not appointed anyone His agent/incarnation. Azhvars, acharyas, Hrushies, Munies and good natured persons (narchelvan-pasuram 12) were manifestations of His Visvarupa. Rtham- The Lord’s laws of universe act without bias. One has to receive mental & bodily pleasures for his good deeds & undergo mental & bodily discomfort, pain agony, narakavsta , disgrace etc., for every papakarma. Present day men of god are pure businessmen and or materialists – displaying the Immaterial as material & living in comforts in its shade. Simple, dutiful & caring for the needy life is the mantra. Space, time, varna (caste), ashrama (the four stages of life), colour, language, creed , status & sex (or lessness) is no bar for moksha at the demise. Visishtadvaita is both science proof & theology proof. Scientifically Vishistadvaita is The Grand Unified Theory & ‘M’ Theory combined, The Quantum Theory & The General Theory Of Relativity combined & theologically it brings out the peripheral vision combining Advaita & Dvaita into one overall comprehensive Universal Form Of Sriman Narayana.The book is guide to reach the Lord from any given / unknown point in Time & Space. (If doubts arise while going through the book the same may be addressed to me to be explained immediately.)

Pray to the Lord for guidance – the purpose & how to maximize in tune with Rtam,Satyam & Vishvarupa.

To aap samaj sakte hai(n) ki hum koyi adke phadke nahin ( So now you know that I am not some-one without any substance). Rest assured I am not a pessimist (in spite of my figure I had wriiten many love letters: in spite of my dumb appearance, I have written on all subjects ranging from big bang to concept of God. I have written to the President of India, the PM, CMs, CMD of CBI (I had sit and conversed with CMD in his spacious chambers at HQ - Chamdermukhi, Nariman point, Mumbai. with the broad table between us all all alone for about an hour.), the Editors of English & Tamizh dailies, magazines TV Channels & scholars, interacted with DGMs of RBI, the Dist., Collectors & other high officials in DLCM & other forums and conducted (chaired) BLBC meetings. I am an evergreen optimist.

I shall write my views on subjects in which I genuinely feel my words are worth mention.

On after thought I have decided to mention my birth star & zodiac sign – shatabhishaj ( a hundred physicians) & kumbha: (water pot- Decide for yourself whether it is full/half full/ empty in my case as it is subjective.)

SRI ANDAL’S ADIMAI – Methinks Thirupavai is the Universal Message I am born to spread to one & all.